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About Editing Alphabets

Welcome to Editing Alphabets

I'm Aishwarya (aka, Aish)

​I'm passionate about helping businesses, organisations and non-fiction authors create quality work that they can feel confident to share with their audience. 

After editing and proofreading for family and friends for years (and loving every minute of it - really!), I decided to take my passion to a professional level. I pursued rigorous training and obtained certification as a proofreader & copy editor in January 2022.

Writing and editing has been a common thread throughout my previous work experience. During my time working at property firm, CBRE, I wrote quarterly reports as well as industry articles that were published in Thailand’s leading newspaper chain, Bangkok Post. During my time teaching English at a conversation school in Kyoto, I wrote 45+ Business English lessons.

My passion and experience in editing, writing, coupled with my interest in business, psychology, and topics related to self-enrichment and existentialism, led me to become a proofreader and copy editor in the non-fiction space.

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I find joy in rearranging sentences, identifying errors, and ensuring that your writing reflects your intended voice. I'm committed to helping you create polished, error-free work that showcases your credibility and commitment to quality.


My Guiding Principles as your Copy Editor and Proofreader:

To give you a better sense of my approach and how I incorporate quality into my services, I'd like to share a fun comparison to that of a giraffe:


Attention to detail: Giraffes are known for their ability to spot details. Similarly, I always make sure that every project I work on is polished, error-free, and reflective of your unique voice.

Heightened Perspective: Giraffes have a unique vantage point thanks to their height, allowing them to see far and wide. Similarly, I approach each project with a holistic perspective that takes into account the larger context and overall goals. This means that I not only pay close attention to the details of your content but also consider how it fits into the bigger picture of your brand and is written for it's intended audience and to achieve its intended purpose. 

Adaptability: Giraffes are known for their ability to adapt to their environment. Just like each giraffe has unique spots, I approach each project with a focus on quality that is tailored to your individual needs and goals.

Open Communication: Giraffes are known for their strong communication skills. I always aim to communicate clear, respect your feedback, and adapt my communication style to fit the needs of different clients and projects.

In my free time, you might find me: 


Studying Japanese

Working towards passing a Japanese language proficiency test.


Listening to music

Coldplay, Phil Collins, David Bowie, Sting, Oasis - the list goes on!


Watching a crime drama

British crime dramas are brilliant!

You write, I tidy up

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